Global Leader in Electromagnetic field (EMF) Protection 

Over the last 25 years Blushield has developed a range of wellbeing technology.

Blushield devices produce a symphony of coherent scalar frequencies within the human responsive range never repeating the same frequency twice.  These scalar frequencies are based on mathematical algorithms that mimic nature’s native frequencies like those found in a forest which our bodies “attune” to instead of the non-native EMF’s emitted from electronic devices. The emf protection devices utilise a power source to create active, powerful fields which makes Blushield devices essentially “louder” than the non-native EMF’s thereby reducing the harmful radiation absorbed.

This supports our body’s own innate ability to reduce stress, improve general wellbeing and over time restore itself to harmony.

The Blushield Product Range

Blushield South Africa is a Global Leader in Electromagnetic field (EMF) Protection