Global Leader in Electromagnetic field (EMF) Protection 

Over the last 25 years Blushield has developed a range of wellbeing technology.


Do you have concerns about the health effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted by your digital devices, such as mobile phones and WiFi routers? Blushield offers a solution by emitting a symphony of healthy frequencies that counteract the harmful frequencies produced by these devices.

The frequencies used by Blushield are based on mathematical algorithms that mimic the restorative native frequencies found in natural systems, such as those present in a forest or ocean. Our bodies naturally entrain to these life friendly frequencies, helping to counteract the negative effects of non-native or man-made frequencies. Our EMF protection devices use a power source to create active powerful fields, making Blushield’s frequencies essentially “louder” than the surrounding negative EMFs and reducing the harmful radiation absorbed.

Our technology supports the body’s innate ability to reduce stress, improve general wellbeing, and restore harmony over time.

The Blushield Product Range